Monday, June 4, 2012

A trip to Langkawi with fellow classmates.

Wow havent updated for like a year now..and my writing is prolly gonna sucks. So yeah Langkawi huh ? well its actually a class trip for our so called "GEOLOGY" class.

Ya know,we were supposed to go there and take photos of the structure of the island,learning the history about how the Island is formed and stuff. But things went out quite different back there.We were actually hanging out, enjoying the trip just like a superb class vacation.

 its like 5% studying -- 95% vacation. O yeah !
and here are some of the photos taken

Somewhere around Pulau Dayang Bunting,named after the big hills behind that looks like bunting

Late dinner

At Beras Terbakar
Our very own , the coolest lecturer of Geology I must say, Sir. Fandi.   Awwh isnt he's handsome ? hehe oh not to mention,he's single ladies  ;)
reached the top of Gunung Mat Cincang by cable cars

So thats it , Sayonara for now peeps!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gym-ing around 2 weeks

Started gym-ing last December.Ah well,was too bored I guess ? went there with my bro,Unfortunately I cant maintain my body shape sebab 2 weeks aja(too lazy nak pergi everyday.) Cehhh,I'm 19th..still early for gym-ing.Theres no need to rush :)
I think its better if people start gym-ing when they've reached 20+..

this is not me.hahaha !

yeap! youre looking right at it. ;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sem 1 Here We Go !


Okay lets summarise it, Sem 1 huh ? emm..
  • I was in the group of CD1J (only 8guys and 24girls in a class)
  • stayed kat 'Block Kristal A5/08'
  • joined 'Kadet Bomba for my 'Co-curriculum'

ni lah bilik paling best yang boleh muat 8 orang. haha ada 2 toilet / 2 bedroom / 1 living room + kitchen! bersih en ? ni masa mula2 je,another 3-4weeks..bersepah cam haram.

haaaa ni aku tau sapa punya kerja ni. hHAHAHHAHA!

Up next,orientation!
It was frickin tiring hearing all the common lectures in a week.We're given only 2-3 hours of sleep.Then,woke up again at 5am to P.I (Pusat Islam) for Subuh's lecture / pray time.Plus,dengan senior poyo2 kulit gelap pendek2 membebel pagi2 buta..memang stress habis.
And not to forget,my new friends and I were too tired that we slept on the floor during the lecture.Those seniors caught us sleeping..and therefore,we were forced to go on stage to do some Senaman Aerobics! -______________-"

Do we look stupid ? YES INDEED

Well,to tell you the truth..orientation wasnt so bad after all.It was exhalarating and I kinda miss it. :)

Introducing..the group of CDIJ =)

and the 8 heroes

(baju lab coat besar semacam sebab pinjam.not mine pun)

Wanna know who Charlie is ? well,take a good look.

Not so handsome now is he ? hehehh.

I have no idea why this ant-looking bug is called Charlie but the scientific/real name is Rove Beetle.(Beetle ?! cehh takde ciri2 beetle langsung doh). The next thing I know,most of the part 1 students were bitten by them.FCKIN SICKKK!
I got bitten too.See (kalau charlie ni manusia,memang dah kena belasah kot) haha!
Fact :this venomous bug is listed as one of the most poisonous creatures in the world.FCKK !
its toxin known as
‘pederin’ (C24 H43 O9 N) 12x stronger than the venom snake.
When human skin is in contact with the poisonous liquid inside its body,the skin will be
terribly damaged as shown below (bawah ni la kulit di dada saya seketika dahulu -.-)
PERHHH ! what an eyesore.Imagine if the bug bite ur face.. O:
Odd things about this creature is that most of the biting stories only happen in Uitm. -__-" either in Uitm Penang,Kedah,Pahang or whatever floats ur boat.
Okay am so lazy to elaborate more bout it,im just gonna give you the link for more info. :)

as the old saying goes,NO PAIN NO GAIN..right ? BULLSHIT !

After almost 2 months,the Music club organized a battle of the band 'competition' .
My roomates 'Jco and Fandoi' conducted his own band and asked me to join em at the very last min as a backup singer.Coz our vocalist suara sengau macam haram(entah sapa punya kerja la pergi tarik dia.hahaha).Cehh takdelah nak cakap my voice ok ke tak en..hehe ey come on la,backup singer je kot ? haha!
and here's the photo taken.

Dont ask me for the vid please,trust me,You dont wanna see it ; I repeat,you seriously dont wanna see it.But who cares tho.We all had fun,right...? ;)

Umm what else ? ohh overnight,yeap my friends and I went overnight 2x at Pulau Pinang which was during THE INDEPENDENCE DAY and before cuti sem started.
Both trips were squeaky splendid man.we really did enjoy it.
perhhhh rempit cina bhaaaaiiii [ chinese kat sini memang semangat patriotik betul,bwk bendera sambil speed up naik motor ;) ]

Met these cool group of fixie's ! they went in a procession during the merdeka nite.Cheers for em! ;)

the Famous Pasembor 'dekat dgn Gurney Drive' murah aja.(RM5.00)
Next location,Feringghi !

Oh yeah,I was forced to participate in a 'Drama Competition' for BEL130. So you see,this is what happens when there are only a few guys in a class.You cant run nor hide. :(
  • Drama entitled : The Twisted Fairy Tale !

The photos above is my favourite part! muahaha,
  • Guess what ?! we've Won ! hahahahahah fckin EPICCCCCC ! tremendously an amazing moment in history. (ceh overrrr pulak)
wifi here too slow.Will upload the vid later ayy.Toodles!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Life after 18th.

Yes,Its 6.50am in the morning and my eyes are widely open.Am in the mood for blogging while listening to , and (this one quite appealing ;D) and other songs as well,HOHOH!

Its hard leaving the people who are quite close especially your family and friends.But i dont really care bout it actually ;) Exploring new stuffs is not bad at all rather than rotting at home or anywhere around Selangor nor Subang Jaya for such,Sunway College,Taylors or other than that, you name it. Hahah (no offence ayy)

26th of June,the first day I arrived in Uitm.As usual,Problems has always been apart of my life.The registration for students locality started at 9am till 4pm.However,
My parents and I came at almost 1pm(mengada2 sgt nak duduk lama2 kt hotel).and There YOU GO ! all the colleges were loaded with Part1 students.I asked one of the supervisor if there's another 1 room left for me.Sadly,the only places left was outside Uitm which is at the Mutiara. -__________-

Imagine how far the Mutiara College is from Uitm -______-"

Fortunately!on that evening..the rest of the part1 students at mutiara and I were told that there were still an empty spaces for each of us in College Kristal ! WOOH! It was tremendously an amazing moment of my life :D the place there at Mutiara frazzled here and there.It was an eyesore sight indeed.I barely able to stay there much longer.The inner side of me shrieked so hard to get out of the place as soon as possible.

Later on,I left some of my stuffs at the park near the tennis court which is inside Uitm,I was searching for them the whole day like a mad man -.- and finally..reached my new room in Kristal. *exhaled as a sign of relief* ,

Choices I've made.

Its been long since i last blogged.Almost forget that I actually have one.As you all know,Life is all about moving on to the next level,Leaving footprints behind while keeping the rest in our memory.Well that's how i describe it. (:

As you've reached 18th..Like it or not,things around you will drastically change.Ive experienced it and so as my batch.Im quite sure they all did.Even if some of them says no,deep in their heart..i know,that they're just pretending.

It all started after a few months of break after Spm.Most of my classmates started registering college earlier,but mine was on 26th June I think.It was a University actually.To be exact,Uitm (University Of Teknologi Mara) Im sure you all are familiar of it.Before that,we were so busy registering ourselves at the UPU's website,seeking for the right choice of course and which U to study at.With my not so-good-results,I prefer studying Architectural for further.However,My 2nd choice was Civil it is somehow related to Architectural as well.

The next thing I know,after checking my results on the website,I got my 2nd choice instead of the 1st one.I have no idea why but everything happens for a reason right ?
ohh yeaa,and the best part is..they put me here,In PENANG .But not exactly in Pulau..but at the mainland instead,which is in the Bukit Mertajam P.Pinang.Anguish conquered me as I sitting alone infront of the laptop presaging my future.I was crestfallen on what to do.Should I go there ? or should I just...uhh i have nothing else in mind.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Day At Wet World (Shah Alam)

So we followed adib's plan that day.Things goes really smooth :)

Its 11am in the morning,and everyone were fully prepared,getting ready for a car to pick up every each of us at home.
Well,the entry fee is super affordable. RM30? RM40? RM50 ? hahah hell no ! each person paid RM10 ! lol,the price suits the place really well.

Well,this place isnt so bad after all.Few rides were closed,but whatever..we were still enjoying ourselves (: