Monday, June 4, 2012

A trip to Langkawi with fellow classmates.

Wow havent updated for like a year now..and my writing is prolly gonna sucks. So yeah Langkawi huh ? well its actually a class trip for our so called "GEOLOGY" class.

Ya know,we were supposed to go there and take photos of the structure of the island,learning the history about how the Island is formed and stuff. But things went out quite different back there.We were actually hanging out, enjoying the trip just like a superb class vacation.

 its like 5% studying -- 95% vacation. O yeah !
and here are some of the photos taken

Somewhere around Pulau Dayang Bunting,named after the big hills behind that looks like bunting

Late dinner

At Beras Terbakar
Our very own , the coolest lecturer of Geology I must say, Sir. Fandi.   Awwh isnt he's handsome ? hehe oh not to mention,he's single ladies  ;)
reached the top of Gunung Mat Cincang by cable cars

So thats it , Sayonara for now peeps!

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